Today it came like a wave;

I read a name that I was sure I knew,

Google came to the rescue in the form of a face.

“Such a small world” and other trite phrases come to mind

But the goosebumps on my arms are more profound.

A tune springs to my head and makes its way past my lips,

It’s the opening score of your show.

I can’t believe it’s been stored in my head for two decades and a bit!

Wow! (Plus every exclamation that shows surprise and amazement!)

I don’t know you, but you bring to mind a time.

Of innocence and carefree living;

Of enjoying life, completely unaware of the fact.

The thought and feelings you evoke,

Show me that those things that stayed in my head

Are the things that matter to me.

Only now do they peek out through the cracks.

Only now are the gates open enough to let them squeeze past.

The path of my calling was set long ago

Now, I explore it in baby steps, in wonder and awe

A new frontier, uncharted territories that have so patiently waited

Waited for now – the time of the unveiling

Your name is connecting the dots, somewhat

No doubt I look back wistfully,

But in that gaze, the present is confirmed,

And the future emboldened.


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