Welcome February

Another day dawns. It’s February already. Where did the time go? Was it only me who planned to be more intentional about life this year? Is it only me who is wondering if she’s doing that? I hope it’s not only me who has decided to keep pressing on regardless, knowing that no experience is wasted, no fall has to be final and as long as there’s life, there’s hope.

So welcome February 2017,
Nice to meet you.
I’m taking you one day at a time,
looking forward with hope in God, head held high as high can be.
Expecting victory, yet prepared to get up if knocked down;
Determined to succeed, yet unafraid to fail;
Eager to learn, and thirsty for growth;
Willing to help, to build and to support.
This is how it needs to be.
Do remind me of my words, should I forget…


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