In Sickness and in Health

Holding hands in the dark

Whispering secret memories that bring light

Caring when there’s pain

Bearing up when there’s falling

These were all things they promised to do.

Even now when the day is gone

And the night has come,

They cannot let go;

They carry on—

They gave their word to do so,

Till the one who is on his way

Comes a-knocking, and there’s no choice

but to part, in hope to meet again.

“Till the very last touch of fingertips

As you slip away from my hold

I will be true.”

These words he whispered to her in the dark,

Willing himself to wake up

From this dream;

Wanting to start again

Yet knowing they cannot.

Adieu my darling, my love

If I were ever to write our lives in ink

I would not change a thing,

Apart from this ending.



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