So it’s been ages since I blogged. Not great.

But, a lot has been happening, and I thought it would be good to reopen with a post on thanksgiving, seeing as it’s Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks, and the end of the year in a few weeks.

Time has flown like crazy this year, but not one day has gone by without giving me something to be thankful for. I don’t always remember those things everyday, but I know that no matter how bad a day has been, the fact that I’m alive and I have the gift of another day is a reason to be thankful.

So what are some of the things I’m grateful to God for?

  • I’ve had good health this year, probably caught more colds than usual, but hey, nothing that landed me in hospital.
  • I planned a wedding and got married this year, helped and surrounded by a group of people who have to be the best family and friends in the world – woop! woop!
  • I saw someone who is very dear to my heart find love again
  • I got to see my little sis get married
  • I carried on blogging and just generally wrote more (Yay!)
  • I’ve had my needs met in some pretty miraculous ways
  • I’ve learned a lot and had people to help me along the way
  • My family and friends are doing well
  • Etc.

There are some things that I wish had happened that didn’t (or haven’t yet), but the long and short of it is, I am thankful.

Let’s look on the bright side and count our blessings, no matter what.x







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