When Posterity Judges

Posterity will inevitably sit in judgement;

how will they judge us?


Will it be remembered that we:

Were kind and gracious to friend and foe?

Remembered others in their suffering?

Found ways to bring peace and live at peace with all men?

Were just and true and inspired others to be the same?

Overlooked deep wrongs and had a short memory with regards to hurts?

Sought to give rather than get?

Sought to be rather than preach?

Blazed trails and cleared paths for others to walk?

Led with passion and followed with humility…?


Will we be judged guilty?

Will our eulogy through the ages be that we:

Cared only for self and did nothing to promote unity?

Did not lift the fallen but trampled the downtrodden?

Forgot to forgive, forgetting that we had been forgiven?

Looked the other way when injustice was being meted out?

Minded our own business when we were called to intervene?

Paid no mind to the aged, ignoring the wisdom they had to dispense?

Lived to chase money and the good things of life,

at the peril of our eternal rest and posterity’s wellbeing?

Forsook the young and inexperienced,

too busy with our pursuits to teach or show…?


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