It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything! Where did the time go?

This morning, some thoughts led me to think about fear and to call it out—you know, expose it for what it is—in the words below:


Fear, what a thief—

Steals your creativity;

robs you of your peace.

It dumps you in the cesspool of despair;

lands you in the quicksand of conflicting emotions.


Fear, such a violator—

It plunders optimism;

makes away with belief.

Reduces you to boxing shadows.

You’re unwilling to let people in, in case they see too much;

hesitant to let things go, in case they never return.


Fear, what a liar—

It masquerades as caution;

is disguised by hatred;

dismissed as laziness;

mistaken for a consciousness of boundaries;

even referred to as worry, as if it’s any better.


Let’s not let fear in, and if it has come in, let’s not let it win. As I read somewhere one day, “Do it afraid!” Let’s not let fear stop us from doing the right thing, a beautiful thing, or just what needs to be done. Ciao for now.


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