Hope is Here to Stay

Expectation – nil

Belief and trust – zilch

Love – what on earth is that?

Life – robbed of all meaning


When last did I draw the curtains?

When last did this heart see light?

I’m down, I’m almost out

I’ve given up, or just about


My back is bent

My mind awry

There’s no encourager

No one to say it’ll be fine


I’m stressed and distracted

tired and disenchanted

seems that when I rise

The weight that I bear reminds me it’s near


And down I go again

faltering, stumbling

falling on my face,

scrabbling with my fingers


I cry out, I scream

Yet no sound escapes

Fill this emptiness

Oh fill it please!


And then the wind blew…

And I heard it

The rustling of leaves and the faintest of sounds;

My heart flutters ever so slightly


I hear it again and know it’s a song

“It must be for another” I hear a voice say,

So I quiet my heart,

and resign my hands to busyness


But the melody resumes

and I can make out a harmony

notes roll on the breeze

and through my ears


My feet go towards the sound,

I can’t help but follow their lead

The words are now so clear,

yet my ears doubt what they hear


Can this be true? Are these words real?

Now my feet are running

My heart is dancing

My mind decides to follow suit


My tongue is untied

My eyes see a light

I keep going until I get there

in the very presence of The Light


I see Him and I hear my laughter ring

My ears finally attune

to the lyrics my lips declare

I’m singing! I’m singing:


“Hope is here to stay

Hope is here to stay!

Look within you

Look above you

Without a doubt my lovely one




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