That word was ringing in my heart most of the weekend and yet it’s one thing that seemed to be running away from me as at the end of last week. I’ve realised that the less hope I have, the more terrible a situation will seem—a situation with more hope seems so much better than the very same situation with less hope or no hope.

I don’t know about you but, although I’m generally a ‘hopeful person’, when I start to lose hope about something, I can’t make it return just like that.  I can’t just sit and wish for hope and then look up to see it walking up to my door with a spring in its step and a flower behind its ear.

When I lose hope, I need to ask for it to be renewed.

After all the heart fluttering and panic, or sometimes in the middle of all the chaos, I pray.

I find that if I can just be still for a few seconds and ask God for help, after a while, hope begins to stir in me. It starts as something small deep within and then starts to unfurl, all the while sending signals to my brain to say that even though my ears, eyes, and other senses may not have sent any corroborating signals, everything will be alright.


  • Hope, like faith, doesn’t need to explain itself, it just is.
  • “Hope does not disappoint”; so much is gained through a hopeful heart that could not have been gained otherwise.
  • A hopeful heart is based on faith and is breeding ground for faith.

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