They say the only constant in life is change. We all go through some form of change or the other – physical or situational. We grow, we move on…sometimes within one sphere or across spheres.

For some, suddenly they need to start making decisions that others used to make on their behalf. For others,what used to be uncomplicated because there wasn’t much to consider has suddenly become mega complex because of all that needs to be factored in.

Whatever sort of change it is, it’s not always pain-free, and therefore not always welcome, but it must always happen one way or the other. Some changes are in the natural order of things, and usually, will happen whether we actively participate in it or not. These changes  often spark other changes and our actions and attitudes will determine how the overall change will work out.

So for example, going to University –  it’s what most people do after high school so it’s not such a big deal (or is it?!), but then Uni for most means independence, moving away from home, studying on your own when you want to not when you’re told to. These secondary changes are a result of the main change, but how the student engages with the change of independence and responsibility will determine how going to Uni will turn out.

How do we handle it then? How do we effect change or engage with it?

I find that often the best way is to ask for help, and in that, to start with God. We often forget this all important person, when it comes to adapting to change. Maybe it’s because we don’t see it as a problem, or an issue that we need to take to God; we feel if we just hunker down and get stuck in, we can handle it. In my humble opinion however, we were not created to do life without our creator, He can help with the big things and with the everyday things as well. He guides us, He leads us to people or things that will help us adapt to change, and He enables us to build an attitude that will help us with change.

Here’s to taking change – the only constant thing in life, to God – the only constant being in life and eternity.


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