Injustice is Served

Injustice is served on a platter,

Displayed for all to see.

Not everything is fair,

Not everyone is treated well.

Some live for the sole purpose of victimisation;

To watch others suffer and grovel.

Some will not rest until their ego is addressed

And their opinion prevails,

Regardless of whether or not it is the truth.

Often it seems the divine is silent,

That the heavens have lost their verve;

It seems they cannot see that casualties are on the rise,

Or that villains are being exalted as kings.

We need defenders—

Men and women who will speak

and not remain silent in the face of evil;

Who will not give up until justice is done;

Who will live by a new creed of kindness,

And of love for their fellow man,

Letting it drive them out of lethargy and containment

And into selflessness and resoluteness

So that the heavens can be heard again

And the divine can be touched once more,

As it regains its hands and feet

In men and women fighting injustice

Until the very sweet end.


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