It is ever so important to be determined. I find myself achieving more when I’m determined to do so, as compared to when I haven’t quite made up my mind.

It seems that the presence of determination in us calls out to the resources required to achieve the aim that we are so determined about. It might take a while, but eventually it does.

Determination to do something also means the thing inhabits our minds. It finds room in our thoughts and before you know it, our actions are affected.

We are stronger than we think we are. It’s the way we have been created. Even God, in the story of the Tower of Babel, acknowledged that if man sets his mind to something, he’ll do it.

However the journey to determination isn’t always an easy one. It requires conviction. Conviction is not cheap—men lay down their lives because of conviction; nations are established because someone was absolutely convinced about the need to discover new territory.

Are you convinced about something? Not mere mental acquiescence, but a firm and unshakable belief? Then go for it. Turn the conviction into determination to be or to do.

A note of caution however: you can be determinedly wrong about a matter, so don’t proceed with your ears and eyes closed. Surround yourself with wisdom—not necessarily from wise friends but definitely from wise counsellors—and listen to it. That will go some way in making you sure that your conviction and determination are indeed sound and the end that you’re pursuing is indeed worth it.




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