Say it Right or Not At All

Communication sucks. Or should I say the lack of it?

That didn’t come from nowhere, I’m in the middle of a communication ‘situation’ now:
So I said something to someone. The person I said it to responded in a funny way, which made me think, this person is either being seriously defensive or my words came out wrong.

Now because I know how I was feeling when I said what I said, I figured it’s more likely that I spoke in a way that caused them to respond the way they did. I was frustrated about something that had just happened, and then I saw that the person had done something in such a way that the result wasn’t what I’d been expecting; frustration levels increased. So while it wasn’t my intention to cause a ‘situation’, and add anything more negative to the mix in my head, seems like that’s just what I did (since when did our intentions and actions always match eh? *sigh*)

I did say to them that my comment was a genuine question and not a criticism, and I hope that they believed me and haven’t taken offence.

So basically, as much as possible, I must learn to refrain from speaking without adequate thinking, especially when I’m frustrated or feeling any of those feelings that could make for miscommunication.

Bridling the tongue saves heartache, preserves relationships, and even saves blog space (unless of course, this serves as a reminder to someone and saves them from a ‘situation’ 😊).

P.S.  I’m sad, and maybe a tad embarrassed that I haven’t done the 29-day challenge for a few days now. I was ill, and then got busy arranging an intercontinental trip.

I’m hoping there’s WiFi access where I’m headed. Or I may have to store up posts.


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