There are people who come into your life and leave an indelible mark. You remember them so vividly, even when they’ve been gone for so long.

Mama is one person who has impacted me greatly. She was my grandmother. She was, and still remains, one of the loveliest people I’ve ever known. She was selfless and giving; she brought up her own children and a few others spent their early years under her roof, being looked after like they were hers.

Mama was known and loved in the neighbourhood. She would come back from the market with a whole load of stuff and sometimes the taxi driver would drop her on the main road a few minutes from the house because most taxis didn’t want to turn into our pot-holey street. She’d leave all the heavy stuff on the roadside (in the days when you could trust people not to steal your stuff!), and walk to the house. As she approached the house, you’d see children greeting her and running to the road to go and pick up her stuff and bring it to the house. She was so big-hearted and so kind, that people – young and old – found it easy to be kind to her.

I just remembered a day I came back from somewhere, maybe school, to meet her trying to make her way to the neighbour’s house. She hadn’t been well, yet she struggled out of the house and downstairs because she wanted to go and greet someone who had had their store burgled if I remember correctly. That was Mama, always thinking of others before herself, wanting to make sure they were fine, even if she wasn’t.

Patience was another virtue Mama had in spades. I probably taxed her patience as much as anyone else, but she was always gracious. Some people even said she spoiled me, but I don’t think so. I think she knew how much I needed love and she showered me with it.

It’s amazing how much I remember her features, her laugh, and most especially her kindness. Mama was my grandmother and she passed away 14 years ago.

I wish I could be more like her.

I guess I can. I can be virtuous and loving and make my own unique mark in my world like she did in hers. Here’s to good examples. *Clink*.


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