A Thought Train on the London Tube

I dare to smile at a perfect stranger

I dare to let what is within be seen

I dare to risk goofiness

I dare to brave a blank stare

I dare to scale a high stone wall

I dare to look silly

I dare the probability of misinterpretation

I dare to face a scolding rebuff

I dare to be thought insane

I dare to bring joy to another

I dare to coax a light from their eyes

I dare to spread a balm over an aching heart

I dare to offer voiceless affirmation

I dare to show him that he matters

I dare to confirm to her that she’s there

I dare to be bright and not dreary

I dare to show them that there’s more than what they face

I dare to renew hope in the most forlorn

I dare to ready a mind at day’s dawn

I dare to gladden a heart at day’s end

I dare to tilt my lips upwards,

To expose my teeth to the elements,

To define the lines at my eyes’ corners,

In sincerely sweet not lemon sour –

I dare to smile, and this at a perfect stranger

on the District Line from Embankment to Victoria.


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