I was thinking yesterday that we won’t always have good examples, but we can always make good choices that inevitably cause us to be good examples, regardless of whether we set out to be so or not. It is even more profound when we set out to be so and succeed; that becomes another good example.

So what brought this thought about? I was thinking of a young lady I know who graduated from Uni with a top grade. While she had some good examples around her, she also had some influential but not-so-good examples. Add that to a couple of unfortunate events, and she had every excuse to slack off. While it was hard at first, she stood strong, got into Uni and made it through excellently.

Let’s come to her younger sibling. She started at a new school, and seems to have grown a bit more confidence and drive. You can almost see the determination to succeed. Now I don’t think the new school is completely responsible for that. I think that whether she realises it or not, she’s borrowing a feather from her example; her example has showed her the way – she’s been shown that it’s possible to break out of the shackles of failure or low expectations and to be all that you want to be. And when you do that, you also become a good example.

Here’s to all who have gone before me – my examples. *Clink*



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