This morning, a revelation of the person of God came to me in the word ‘Bàbá’ – that’s Father in my language.

Bàbá connotes a protector, someone who will keep his child from harm. The one who will push his child out of the way and take the bullets instead, the one who will throw his child off the tracks in the split second before the train hits.

Bàbá connotes a provider who will go without a shirt on his back so that his child can eat breakfast, who will toil at a task and not give up so that the family can be clothed.

Bàbá connotes trustworthiness – He is that person that can be trusted to catch you when you fall; he can be trusted to return when he goes on a journey. He can be trusted to keep His word even when it hurts.

Bàbá connotes one who can discipline, reprimand and correct; the one who can frown yet whose frown hides a smiling providence. Bàbá is the one who will draw you back into his arms after you have gone off course. He is the forgiver; he will run a mile to put a coat on your back and rings on your fingers, while commanding that the fatted calf be killed to celebrate your return from a life of frivolity.

Bàbá is the one who will leave everything else to attend to your minutest need, after all you’re his omo; his offspring , nothing is too precious for him to give to you, especially not his time.

Bàbá is the one whose presence means that everything is OK. Daddy’s here now, the world can turn on its axis again…

Bàbá, man of strength and character, of purpose and grace.

Bàbá cannot fail or so the toddler thinks, and really so should we. No matter our experiences with the Bàbás of this world, there is Bàbá of the original intent. The One from whom all Bàbás were to pluck a leaf; some plucked and others didn’t, but nothing changes Bàbá the person, or Bàbá the intention.

Let the knowledge of the character of the ultimate Bàbá reassure you – HE will never change.

And so today bring your prayers to Bàbá, trusting that His nature mandates the best response to them in the best time and in the best way.


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