Kind, Considerate, and God

Father, in the past few weeks, my attention has been drawn to your detailed and caring nature. You’re so particular! The temple furnishings and priestly garments of Exodus 36 – 39 were such an example of attention to detail and care. I’m reading Judges 6-7, the story of Gideon and seeing how You stood with him, encouraging him out of timidity.

Even after proving yourself by consuming his sacrifice in verse 21; making the fleece wet and then dry in verses 36-40, and the separation of the army in chapter 7 verses 1 – 7, You were still compassionate enough to offer him an alternative in case he was afraid of the Midianites in verses chapter 7 verses 9 – 11.  You told him to go and attack the Midianites because You had given them into his hands, but then You also said to him “But if you are afraid to go down, go to the camp with Purah you servant and you shall hear what they say and afterward your hands shall be strengthened to go down against the camp.” Wow! Such thoughtfulness and consideration.

Honestly, You would have been justified if you’d given him a good shake saying “Come on, man up!” or “Haven’t I showed you enough signs that I’m with you?!”, but you didn’t; instead, you showed your gracious self to him and he gladly took the second option, got encouraged and went ahead to win the battle (which by then you’d already fought and won! :-)).

Thank you Father. Please help us to extend the same grace and kindness to folks around us, that people may know that we’re your children.

You see beyond our fearfulness and you call us fearless.You see beyond our scars and call us beautiful. We are so grateful


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