“God is Particular”

I fell asleep while reading the temple furnishings (Exodus 26 & 27) yesterday. I kept trying to visualize it, I’d go through a few verses and the picture would grow hazy, and then I’d start again. I may not have been able to reconstruct the tabernacle of Moses in my head, but one thing I do know is that “God is particular” (I must credit Pastor Akpa of Babcock Uni for that phrase!) :-).

He (God) was so detailed in his specification of measurements, materials, colours and such like. Almost like He had a picture in His hand while calling out the instructions to Moses and He wanted to make sure that he didn’t miss a single detail.

If He had such detailed requirements for the tabernacle, even though He doesn’t actually live in temples made by human hands (Acts 7:48) – that tabernacle couldn’t have contained Him if it had tried! How much more detailed would His requirements be for us, who the Bible says are the temple of His Spirit?

And then yesterday, I was reading about the priestly garment (Exodus 28) and yes, again, the same level of detail – God doesn’t miss a thing! And the consequences of the priest not wearing the right garments? Dire!

I’m so glad that although He now calls us priests, members of a royal priesthood at that,  He only requires us to put on Christ (phew!). That’s much easier…or is it?

*hand on chin, head bent to the side in deep thought*


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