Thoughtfully God

Reading Exodus 23 specifically v28-30: God drove the other nations off the land that He’d promised to the Israelites, but He said he would do it little by little…why?! Interestingly, it was so that the land wouldn’t become desolate and wild animals wouldn’t take over the land – the children of Israel weren’t so many as to occupy the entire land.

So considerate!

looking at vs 32-33, I think it was with the same heart that He spoke there: He warned them not to enter into any agreements with the people of the land and their gods. Why? He knew this would cause the Israelites to be caught in the trap of idolatry and I guess He knew that meant He wouldn’t be able to bless them and cover them even though He wanted to! Very principled, this God.

Interesting how what seems like an authoritarian edict, or the rantings of a megalomaniac is actually the overflow of a loving and tender heart.


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