Second-hand Love

A while back, someone spoke about second-hand love, and how our love needs to be second-hand. I know I’ve just confused the socks off some people with that one sentence. Do read on. 🙂

He actually didn’t use the phrase ‘second-hand love’, That was my take on it, which I arrived at while I was getting ready for work this morning in that most mundane of places where the most revolutionary ideas are birthed; yes, the bathroom.

 He was talking about how we can not give what we don’t have, and how we only have what we’ve received. As human beings, we usually love with the same love with which we’ve been loved. If God’s love is the purest, truest, most genuine form of love that there is , and a person has not yet opened his heart to this love, then the best sort of love he can give, no matter how deep he digs in his heart, will always be an inferior, less true, less pure version of that love; fake love, if you like.

 So the call was to accept God’s love, let it work on your insides, let it wash out your heart, your mind, your everything, let it purify you, let it change you, and make you capable of love. You’ll find thereafter that when you love, you’ll love with this same kind of love; you’ll no longer be dishing ‘dodgy stuff’ into people’s lives, you’ll be serving up the real deal. Since you’ve got it first hand from God, now you can give it out second-hand.

The best bit is this – the nature of this love is such that it cannot depreciate; reusing and recycling it the nth time only strengthens it to the nth power. Its ability to change lives for good increases exponentially, and because it’s source resides in infinity, it is infinite. Woah! Makes me giddy just thinking about it…my mind can’t fully comprehend it, perhaps because it wasn’t meant to; God a.k.a Love is after all too big to contain.







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