You Only Do This Place Once

It’s amazing how sometimes you’re filled with the desire to write, and you get ready to do so…you declutter your desk, remove distractions, settle in, finally open WordPress, all primed for a good write, only to find that you don’t know what to write! How frustrating! Well I’m having one of those moments now as you can probably tell 🙂 but I plan to keep writing regardless.

In the past couple of weeks my focus has been on life; its brevity (no matter how long), relationships; their importance, the things that can crowd them out…in short I’ve been doing some thinking. I think most of the thinking started after I read 3 books – ‘The Gift’ by Cecelia Ahern, ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven’ by Mitch Albom, and ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ also by Mr Albom.

[an aside: I read 3 books in 16 days! that for me is a feat beyond compare – over the past 15 years, I’ve gone from reading a book from start to finish in 2 -3 days to doing so in 2-3 months, so bear with me while I dance around and celebrate the milestone.]

 I realised that I could quite easily spend my life running around, busy doing nothing; well, nothing that truly counts in the long run.

Sometimes you feel like you’re being pulled back to the core, and that’s what the past 3 weeks have felt like. “What’s inside you?” I seem to be getting asked. “Let it out, give it out, make friends…get in touch, nurture friendships and gifts and abilities” I seem to be getting told. You only get to do this place once.

**Yay! I wrote something. The power of keeping on eh? Have a lovely day :-).**


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