Back Again

To anyone who’s ever come on here and thought they’d like to come back, come back and not found an update, I’m so sorry. 

I haven’t written anything I’ve wanted to post here in a while, and I haven’t managed to imbibe the discipline that all good bloggers must needs have to keep their readers satisfied. 

But I’ve decided to try again and see if I can get up and go for it. 


Recently, I was struck by how pure and true God’s love for me is, and how I can so easily miss it while trying very hard to be approved. 

Trying so hard to live by various written and unwritten rules in the hope that it will make me acceptable, and in the very process missing the whole point. 

This example came to mind a few days ago while I was thinking about Jesus:

A mother says to her two children, you must never use the ‘yellow cup’ on the table. That’s the command, and it must never be breached. 

Child A, in obedience, decides never to use the cup, feeling terrible if he so much as looked at it. 

Child B decided to ask and found that Mum didn’t want the cup used because it had some sort of poison in it. He understood that Mum didn’t want him poisoned…or say he didn’t even ask but chose to believe that Mum’s edict must have come out of love.  

So both children obey; for one, it’s a burden – I must never be seen to use the ‘yellow cup! Why? I don’t know.  

For the other, it’s easy – I won’t use the ‘yellow cup’ because Mum said not to use it, she loves me and so it must be that it’s not good for me that she’s asked me not to use it (of course if we go with the poison story, this would definitely be the case!). 

Child B is carefree, trusting, not using the ‘yellow cup’, and able to not even think about it really.  

Child A is careful, not using the ‘yellow cup’, occupied too much by the fact that she mustn’t use it, not thinking so much about the heart behind the command. 

Even I found my thoughts interesting! And I knew it was God speaking in His usual way.

What does this have to do with Jesus? 

Well, He made the position of Child B accessible to us – He came to show us God’s heart, the heart behind the law.


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