To Hope or Not To Hope

Do you ever feel like there’s no reason to hope? Like “what’s the point??? I was disappointed the last time I hoped anyway!”?

Do you ever feel like optimism is a waste of time, and that playing ‘devil’s advocate’ is more in keeping with your lifestyle? I feel like that sometimes. I see the sadness around me, and I think it’s pointless…almost wrong to hope that things will turn out well, if it didn’t turn out well for all these other people.

Sometimes, it’s that people have displayed their ‘bad side’ and I’ve thought “nah, I’m not even going to expect anything good out of this person”.

But is it HOPE that is wrong? Or is it the object of our hope (what we hope for)? Could it even be the subject of our hope (who we hope in) ?

Hope on its own seems passive…there’s no action to it, it’s all unseen. A lot therefore depends on who the hope is in, and what the hope drives you to do.

I’ve learned that my hope has to be in something bigger than me, in someone more able than I am. And so I decided a while back to put my hope solely in God.

It doesn’t mean that I still don’t hope that people will do certain things, or that things will work out a certain way, it’s just that I don’t allow those people or things to be the source of my hope. I don’t allow them to define how little or how much I hope, or whether I should continue hoping or not. So for example, I hope that I win the prize money, but if I don’t, my hope remains in God and His ability to provide for me…you see what I mean?

“So what if I don’t believe in this God?”, you ask. Well, that’s a discussion for another day 😉

For today, I just want to say all hope is not lost, the subject of your hope matters…and over time, that subject will shape the object of your hopes.

Hold On, be Persistently Expectant.


One thought on “To Hope or Not To Hope

  1. Really well stated. needed to read that today. Being in ministry I have been on the firing line and I realize that’s not God doing it it’s people.


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