Greener on the other side?

Being envious of someone else or wishing we had what they had and therefore constantly being dissatisfied is a condition that is reminiscent of a tree in an orchard that is constantly bending to look on trees in the neighbouring field. Its trunk tilts; bends even, and the roots start to lift on one side. The sun no longer touches the branches, the leaves then are not as green as they should be. The roots don’t go as deep as they should to get nourishment, unlike those of the other trees across the fence, which is why those stand so tall and their branches and leaves are so luxuriant.

 I’d like to think that God is like the sun in that situation, and the nourishment in the ground is like the gifts and blessings He has provided for our living. So when we allow discontent in, we not only under-utilise the gifts and ‘under-access’ the blessings God has given to us, we literally turn our backs on Him and stop Him from working freely in our lives.

We completely miss it because envy or discontent takes our eyes off God and on to ourselves and others. We forget that those we’re longing to be like, are the way they are because that have kept their eyes on the things that matter, and they have stretched out their roots to receive the provision that’s been made for them. 

If we would also do this, I believe we would be amazed at how we would uniquely fulfil the purpose for which we were created. 

Here’s to standing tall!



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